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Trendy Ways to Decorate a Round Dining Table

Round dining tables are becoming popular because of their minimalistic design. The furniture item is versatile and perfect for intimate dinners. You can host a small breakfast or a grand dinner for a family. Discover some of the ways to décor the dining room for auspicious occasions.

Add a centerpiece

A common idea for decorating a round dining table is picking a centerpiece. It boosts its presence and makes it more welcoming. Moreover, the centerpiece turns into a focal idea which has a huge part in defining the room décor. The dominant centerpiece influences the feel of the dining furniture.

Choosing a centerpiece is quite easy. It must match the style of the chairs and tables. Moreover, the centerpiece must not go against the theme of the room. You can place a huge vase, a bouquet, or a sculpture to bring the room together. Some individuals opt for mason jars, candles, or a basket.

idea to decorate a round dining table

Add linens

Another idea to decorate a round dining table is tableware and linens. The overlay items are often overlooked because they make the room look antique. However, they can transform the dining area tremendously.

You can coordinate the color of sitting fixtures into linens. Moreover, think of the patterns and colors as well. You can buy separate dining table linens for formal occasions such as family dinners or brunches. Another idea is using placemats for each seating. You can lay table runners or a tablecloth for dimensions.

Add seating

Seating arrangements have a huge impact on the round dining table décor. It can change the way one looks and feels about the room. For example, individuals prefer an even number of chairs surrounding the dining table. It speaks to balance and makes the furniture harmonious. You can decide which chair faces the entrance.

Moreover, the number of seats will affect the centerpiece and the décor. You can decide on the tableware accordingly. In addition, purchase the tablemats according to the number of seats. Before you get to decorating, decide on the number of chairs.

Add lighting

Don’t forget to add lighting to bring the focus of the guests to the round dining table. Illumination will create the perfect ambiance according to the event. It will contribute to the mood-setting and make the room more functional.

The size of the lighting fixtures must be appropriate to the size and placement of the table. Do not purchase a lamp more than two-thirds of the table width. In addition, you can install a hanging chandelier and place the table underneath it for a more dramatic effect.

round dining table in a dinning room

Add a rug

Placing a rug under the round dining table is advantageous to the floor. It will keep the space clean and prevent scratch marks on the floor. Moreover, the rug will absorb foot noise if you have adopted an open floor plan. You can measure the space to purchase the right size.

The rug you buy must be visible beyond tables and chairs so it is not pulled into a single direction. Moreover, the rugs are easy to clean because they are made of synthetic blends. Moreover, the rugs are resistant to stains.

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A round dining table is ideal for small places with limited seating. You can spruce up the room with the suggestions mentioned above. Furthermore, the décor will make the room look inviting and more practical. You can buy a round dining table from AEQ Furniture by visiting their website.